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Below is a list of frequent asked questions and answers to help you.
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  • Vm’s are logged into using Remote Desktop Connection, also know as RDP.
  • This comes as a factory feature on Windows PC’s but can be downloaded on Mac, Iphone, Android and Linux.
  • For this example we will use windows because its most conmanly used.
  • Open your start menu and type “remote” or “rpd” and Remote Desktop Connection should come up. Open it.

  • After RDP is open you will use this info to log in.
  • Under computer you will enter “rdp.hgslogin.com:”
  • Make sure you have the colon after .com.
  • Followed by your HGS id number.
  • For example if your id number is 1234 you would enter “rdp.hgslogin.com:1234”.
  • Enter your username and password that you gave to HGS.
  • Choose to save the username and password to your computer or not.
  • Click ok.

  • Click yes to the prompts.
  • Your should be logged into your Vm.
  • Websites can be logged into with a URL link that is provided by HGS.
  • You must have the login credentials for the website.
  • This should have been set up when you started the website service with HGS.
  • The account owner can contact HGS to add or remove users to manage the website at any time.
  • Go to a web browser and enter the URL givin by HGS to manage the website.
  • When your page loads you should be at your website manage login.
  • Use the credentials given when your account was setup and login.
  • You should now be logged into your websites editing profile.
  • Payments are through PayPal.
  • E-bills are sent to the email associated with the account on the 29th of every month.
  • The 10th of the following month is the due date which if not paid by then puts the account in over due status.
  • Any account in over due status will be suspended and a $5 late fee will be added to the account.
  • Any account unpaid for three billing periods will be considered abandoned and deleted.
  • You can start/cancel service, upgrade/downgrade at any time.
  • Any changes made to the account will reflect on the next bill or next months bill depending on date of change.
  • You can use FileZilla if you want to but you don’t have to.
  • Unlike other hosting companies HGS lets you have complete control over your Vm.
  • You get to manage all of your files directly.
  • You can transfer folders and files threw your remote connection.
  • If you have moderators or devs that require the use of FileZilla you can use it.
  • Remote Desktop Connection does not allow drag and drop.
  • It does allow copy paste.
  • Simply right click on the files or folder you want to transfer and copy them.
  • Then go to your Vm and paste them where ever you want.
  • This works both ways. Your pc to Vm and Vm to your pc.