HGS Hosting

Welcome to HGS

In 2018 HGS’s owner was trying to start a Five-M server. He was ill met by the community of Five-M who offered very little help in getting started. It was turning into more of a hassle than it was having the fun and enjoyment of having a gaming server. He decided enough was enough. Being tired of dealing with over priced game hosting and inferior customer service get almost gave up on the idea, then a friend said “I bet you could do a better job” He looked up with a smile and said “An so I shall!” So he set out to make something better, Thus giving birth to Heathens Gaming Servers in 2019, later to be renamed HGS Hosting in 2021 to have a more appropriate name for hosting more than just games. The first Dell PowerEdge server was bought after a friend recommended them. It grew from there and has not slowed down since. HGS was started and built from the ground up by gamers and computer users just like you aimed at performance and quality over quantity. Every aspect of HGS is made with the ease of every day use and reliability because thats what we wanted. Including rebuilding and customizing all the servers we use to get very specific performance out of them because we believed there was a better way. “Dont ask what we did to them, Its a secret. :p” We are constantly working to make sure we offer the best we can. We even run our own gaming servers and websites with HGS. Slowly building up each custom built server, each other, and learning along the way. Now HGS Hosting runs websites, gaming servers, radio stations and more. We will continue to learn and make HGS grow, as the owner says, “Theres got to be a better way…”