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Awesome, you’re finally here, We’ve Been Waiting on you. Welcome! To HGS Hosting.

We believe in a better way of doing things. HGS is a privately owned computer virtualization and web hosting company that offers direct customer support and the best price around. We offer strong virtual machine “Vm’s” options, custom built websites and more that are reliable and powerful for all of your needs running on custom built servers.  Most of our customers host game servers, but if you need a more powerful machine for any kind of application, HGS Hosting has your back. Our Vm’s are accessible from anywhere in the world on all kinds of devices. There are no contracts, you can end, modify, upgrade, or downgrade your service at anytime. Make sure to look in the prices tab to find out what service best suits you. Thank you for considering HGS Hosting, we look forward to start hosting with you today.

We only use custom built Dell PowerEdge Servers to give outstanding performance and reliability.